Dating culture in eastern europe

So let me sound weird for a minute. There is something motherly in the way us Eastern European women, treat our men. At the same time, you are expected to help out as much as possible on your own good will. Just as she is feminine, aim to emphasize your masculinity. We love us a good knight in shining armor.

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On a similar note, you should take the first step. An Eastern European lady wants you to be the active party in the dating game, to sweep her off her feet even. So do not be afraid to go up to that cutie. Her initial lukewarm smile should not make you give up. There is a limit though and you never want to be eager to the point of creepy.

How would feel about a coffee date? Also, ask for her Facebook, not her number. You slept with her on a first date and still pursued her?! Ew, man, I would never want someone like that to be my girlfriend. This is an actual quote from one of my male colleagues. Such double standards are still extremely prevalent in Eastern Europe. We, as women, are taught that our beauty and youth are too valuable to be easily given away. In Western countries, one night stands, club quickies and drunken hookups with strangers are almost the norm.

And if a girl is suddenly very, very into that—once again, gold digger red flag.

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Or a straight-up hooker. You have a relationship with every single person you meet. Why not get the most of your interaction? Take your time to get to know her and be honest about your intentions even if sex is the main one. It will get you further than you can imagine. And a word of warning on girls with serious boyfriends. They might allow you to get close to them and even flirt back. But you will rarely get anything more than friendly conversation with them. You might think that a culture that is still so conservative, would not expect a woman to have much of a career.

There are hardly any women in Eastern Europe that are just housewives. We grew up seeing that both of our parents work full-time jobs and they expect us to do the same. Education and career are very much valued here. Traditional jobs such as a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, a policeman are seen as prestigious and are what would impress us. However, money still does matter to us and that is exactly the reason you might attract some gold-diggers. A German friend of mine recently told me the sad story of her acquaintance who married a Bulgarian woman, only to discover that she expected him to be the main provider in the family as he was German and hence, rich.

Aim to highlight your success , not your financial status. Regardless, know that you are expected to pay for the first few dates. We work hard to look, earn and live well. For us the guy should be the king to his beautiful queen.

It is not that we cannot live without men, it is that we know that a great relationship makes life richer and we know how to value that. For a girl in Eastern Europe building a lasting partnership is a priority, so you are going to be a priority. Make her feel as important as you are to her. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They hope to find lifelong […]. I took photos, information, and content that I got from my time in Ukraine and turned it into a mini little guide.

I wrote 30 or so posts, and then turned them into an eBook and threw it up on Amazon. For a region, mostly remembered for the heartbreaking wars […]. Most of my one way tickets from California to Eastern Europe cost me about 20, Nightlife in Budapest is certainly worth experiencing. Here are just a few of my thoughts on […].

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If the answer results in a NO, then simply back off because there is absolutely no scope whatsoever. There is a very fine line between being rich and being successful and the Eastern European girls are masters when it comes to differentiating men on this basis. And thus all that money will bear no fruit if you do not know how to not let it take control of the mind and thinking that everything can be brought.

Ranging from blonde to brunette, there is something for everybody! They say appearances can be deceptive.

And in this world of makeup and beauty apps and whatnot, to portray yourself as someone you are not, the women from Eastern Europe lead the race in breaking this stereotype. There is absolutely no denying the fact that the women from the east of Europe such as Slovakia , Czech Republic, Russia , Poland etc.

What’s It Like Dating Estonian Women?

Genetics does most of the job for them but even still, they are also women by heart. The need to look more beautiful and charming is perfectly natural, and the end result is something that is irresistible at best. But the east European ladies are total rebels when it comes to actually comprehend the meaning of feminism. Cooking, having kids, being a homemaker are not misogynist concepts or statements for them. Rather, they take pride in having such values instilled in them, which is probably the reason that makes them the perfect dating material and even further.

If a strong rapport is built with them, it will definitely be worth all the effort, time, and money spent on meeting them if someone chooses to of course! The fact that they accept their feminine nature so gracefully, not because they have to, but because they understand the balance of nature, is what makes them likable at the very first moment. A gentleman is what they crave for.

What's It Like Dating Estonian Women? - Eastern European Travel

Online Dating in Eastern Europe Before you plan your travels to any Eastern European country I highly recommend you get a free subscription to a great dating site. This will give you the opportunity to meet some wonderful girls beforehand. Meet with as many woman as possible and just enjoy their company, culture and of course stunning looks.

Either go out together with a local or sign up now and meet the girls for free at; Click here for best Ukrainian dating site Check out this legitimate Russian dating site Eastern European Dating App For more information about finding real Russian dating sites you can check this popular blogpost. Talent can be found anywhere! Hanging out with Eastern European ladies is like a fresh breath of air. They are fun, educated, amazing and of course extremely H-O-T!

As far as having a stroke of mastery in a field or being talented is concerned, a majority of the East European girls have a skill set that they have practiced for years and are darn good at it if not a maestro of the same. But it is their down to earth nature and the humble behavior that they do not boast about it or flaunt it in front of anyone and everyone. Dancing, ballet or a super model. It is all very common in Eastern Europe. Even if they say or insist that they are not good at anything or that they have a hobby, but are not really good at it, be rest assured that there is something special under her sleeve.